BRDO starts preparations to define the Regional Doing Business 2019 rating


The Regional Doing Business 2019 preparation process officially started. And we would like to share the best last year’s practices, which we strongly recommend to use in the cities, to start with no hassles!

So, one of the rating components is electronic services that measure whether the regions keep up with developments and provide their services to businesses online.

And here, the overall situation for the country is deplorable. Most cities didn’t even understand that in the digital era, working through the usual channels of interaction with entrepreneurs is a waste of time for both parties.

However, there are good exceptions. One of them is a ‘Lviv citizen’s personal account’, which user-friendly interface and volume of electronic services are impressive.

An Ivano-Frankivsk CNAP’s e-services portal and a Vinnytsya transparent office are somewhat less advanced, but also very good

Dnipro and Khmelnytsky did not spend money on the development of their own individual portals and chose the portal to host their e-services, and this is also acceptable.

While there are so impressive regional leaders, a Kyiv citizen’s personal account at is a real come-down. This portal was the only one that required to read special instructions to use it. In addition, the only possible way of identification was a Kyiv citizen’s card, which not every Kyiv citizen has. Not to mention potential investors who could develop their businesses in the capital.

This year, Kharkiv with its and portals should be mentioned among the newcomers, which can offer competition for last year’s leaders. The functionality of these resources for the business audience is still very limited, but that’s a good start.