PRO Platform for Effective Regulation

PRO Platform for Effective Regulation

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) has developed the PRO Platform for Effective Regulation (, which contains a number of unique, up-to-date services designed to help entrepreneurs conduct and start a business and enable authorities to implement a service-based approach in their interaction with businesses.

Would you like to start your own business? Do not know where to start?

Business cases are step-by-step instructions that will show you what permits you may need to start a particular business. You no longer need to surf dozens of websites and deal with complicated explanations. 

Just answer some clarifying questions and get your own check-list of tasks: what documents to collect, how long each procedure will take, where to apply and much more. 

A beauty salon or, maybe, a photo studio? A sawmill or a restaurant? Choose your business even now: #StartBusinessChallenge

Here you can find information on various state bodies, their functions, and associated statistics.

Guide to the state contains all this information more.

Regional Doing Business

BRDO experts adapted the World Bank’s methodology and interviewed hundreds of national entrepreneurs to assess how easy and convenient it was to conduct business activities in Ukrainian regions. The following four areas of cooperation between entrepreneurs and authorities were used as a study baseline: paying local taxes; obtaining construction permits; registering land lot for real estate; connecting to electricity networks. A maximum score that cities could get is 171. Learn more about the rating results here.

Review of Government Activities

We paid attention to websites of ministries because they should be a tool for obtaining primary information and a platform for dialogue between the public and businesses. The rating is based on the analysis of 18 websites of ministries and 43 websites of central executive bodies. Read more about this study here.

We have prepared an online regulatory impact analysis tool (RIA) which is useful when drafting regulatory acts, including the ones at the local level. 

Our specialists will gladly provide you with advice on the technical issues of using the tool or on RIA preparation.

231 000 acts, including acts on labor protection, sanitary rules, and regulations which you will not find in the main free databases. All the mentioned were collected for you in the Ukrainian legislation database

We have collected all information useful for state bodies and the expert community in one convenient place. Visit our library.