Why is it important to adopt the draft law No.2698 “On the Provision of Construction Products in the Market”?


The draft law No.2698 is aimed at solving key problems of the construction market in Ukraine.

These include:

▪️ a significant number of counterfeit and fake products in the market;

▪️ narrowing the market for construction products of domestic manufacturers outside Ukraine due to higher quality requirements;

▪️ a decline in legal production, as scrupulous manufacturers cannot compete with producers of low-quality cheap counterfeit products, and the cost of products is the only indicator of competitiveness.

▪️ a complex and non-transparent procedure for the legalization of innovative technologies;

▪️ the responsibilities of market participants are not defined.

The implementation of this draft law will allow to build safe buildings and facilities using reliable materials and provide manufacturers of quality construction products with access to international markets.

In particular, the draft law stipulates:

▪️ basic requirements for buildings and facilities throughout their life cycle;

▪️ procedures for assessing and verifying stability characteristics of construction products and conditions for their placement in the market;

▪️ a mechanism for determining the essential characteristics of technical specifications of construction products in terms of the basic requirements for buildings and facilities;

▪️ requirements to regulatory technical specifications, including national standards identical to harmonized European ones and documents for determining acceptability.

The draft law, developed with the active participation of BRDO experts, was adopted in the first reading and supported by the relevant committee until its adoption as a whole.

We call on parliamentarians to take the last step at the next meeting and improve the quality of construction products in Ukraine!