Updating the regulatory framework in construction – progress review


Updating the regulatory framework is a long and complicated systematic process affecting the quality and safety of construction and construction products, their innovative and economic development and the protection of consumers’ rights.

More than 3,5 thousand regulatory and technical acts affect today’s construction in Ukraine. Only 44% of nearly 1,500 standards included in the list of technical regulation of construction are harmonized with the European ones and internationally recognized, while others are the national one. But in the EU countries, the level of national standards is 2-30%. In addition, in Ukraine, the update rate of state construction rules reduced by almost 10 times – from 100 rules per year in 2010-2012 to 12-16 rules now.

Ukraine has committed to the WTO and the EU to update and harmonize the regulatory framework, in particular, in construction. This process is slow and not systematic, despite numerous strategies adopted at the executive level at different times. But there are also positive examples of synergic cooperation, in particular with cement industry representatives when it comes to the construction of concrete roads. BRDO Board Member Olena Shuliak presented a brief retrospective look at the problem, the experience of Georgia and Moldova and the prospects for resolving problems related to updating the regulatory framework in construction at the VIІІ International Conference “UkrCemFor 2019. Cement Industry. Best Practices. Development prospects”.