In Ukraine, a dumpling’s price has increased by 7% in 4 months


The BRDO presented a Dumpling’s Index and an online service allowing users to get the current prices in one place in a few clicks and in real time. This service saves users’ time to find and process the information.

“To calculate the dumpling’s price, you need to know how much every single ingredient such as eggs, flour, sour cream, butter, etc. costs. Our service contains the daily dynamics of prices for these products according to the largest online supermarkets. Information is also presented by regions. This will allow every user to monitor online how the prices change for the whole country or in each region,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

According to him, prices in the Dumpling’s Index have grown by 6.82% over the past 4 months.

“We do not want anyone manipulating the data, trying to justify their false space theories. Therefore, our BRDO team has developed an online service that will provide users with the latest and most accurate information regarding such serious matters for the country as prices for social important products,” Honcharuk summed up.

There is an inflation calculator that allows to evaluate how the prices have changed in the country over time, available on the platform. In addition, the service will provide the information on how much the hryvnya depreciates in reality allowing to make conclusions about inflation.

How does it work? The online service automatically collects data from open sources (Derzhstat, the NBU, World Bank, Eurostat) and presents them in a convenient way.

  • The dynamics of prices in the consumer market in regions is updated every two weeks.
  • The dynamics of prices in online stores is updated daily.
  • Consumer price indices are updated every week.

In addition, users are able to edit the chart according to their goals and download it to their computers. It is also possible to add individual charts to your website.

The Dumpling’s Index (11.2017-02.2018, data of retail store chains)

+6.82% 35.57 UAH

  • Potatoes +36.67% 8.82 UAH/kg
  • Eggs +3.23 34.47 UAH/dozen
  • Flour +3.76% 11.31 UAH/kg
  • Sour cream +8.29% 57.29 UAH/kg
  • Butter +2.93% 183.03 UAH/kg
  • Onion +7.14% 4.95 UAH/kg
  • Pork fat -9.17% 110.27 UAH/kg
  • Salt -21.43% 3.74 UAH/kg

*Calculations are based on a classic recipe of dumplings with potatoes. Portion for 4 persons

**Source: Online prices of Fozzy, Hobyc, Metro and Auchan

The BRDO plans to continue introducing new instruments that will help analyze the relationship of inflation and other indicators. Soon we will launch a basket of consumer goods of Ukrainians and a Housing Affordability Index. Details at