In Ukraine, there are only 24 historical and architectural key plans approved


Over the past fifteen years, only 24% of 400 historical and architectural key plans, which Ukraine needs, have been approved. This was stated by the BRDO’s Construction Sector expert Iryna Bardasova during the conference “Decentralization-Hromada-Heritage”.

“Today, this situation leads to a number of problems and sometimes to social tensions. The adoption of all necessary historical and architectural plans will help to protect our cultural heritage and promote the development of historical sites for the benefit of communities,” Iryna Bardasova said.

According to the participants of the conference, Ukraine has long needed a transition from the conservation ideology to the smart management and use of historical sites. A case in point is the State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Tustan”, where people protecting the monument agreed with an investor and a community.

It resulted in designing a tourist infrastructure to increase the number of visitors without causing damage to this historical site.