“Transparent DABI” does not work, and the inspection itself violates the procedure for granting construction permits


So, how is the investor from Chernivtsi trying to get a permit for construction of a modern cultural and business complex of CC3 class in Chernivtsi doing?

As a brief reminder, previously on events in that case: the entrepreneur provided the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine (DABI) with all the necessary documents weighing several kilograms. They should have answered through the “Transparent DABI” system on February 4. But something went wrong:

* The DABI violated the procedure: the investor from Chernivtsi received a refusal with a delay of 5 days on 06/02/2019, since it was dated February 1, 2019

* Probably, the DABI was in such a hurry to provide a refusal that it was signed by the Chief Inspector of the department responsible for putting into operation and not for granting permits

* When there’s a will to provide a refusal, there always will be a reason for this. For example, in the entrepreneur’s application, the title of construction doesn’t contain its location, and nobody cares that it is indicated in the next line. However, urban planning specifications and restrictions containing the same construction title and the location indicated in the same manner have been issued by a competent agency. Who is responsible for this mistake? No other than the Ukrainian business

* They will prove that your type of construction was not mentioned in the application, even if it’s just DABI’s imagination, and you have indicated all details

* There is an application form approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, in which you are required just to add some explanatory note and fundamental drawings. It doesn’t matter for the DABI, since they have their own rules and their own atmosphere

And finally, in our experience, 80% of the grounds for refusal to grant a construction permit are justified not by legislative acts, but by regulatory technical documents such as DBNs and DSTU. That is, the DABI re-examines design documents at the expense of taxpayers. Why? And most importantly, why construction project owners face the consequences? It’s not what we thought the “transparent DABI” project would be.