State Architectural and Construction Inspection and BRDO will work together to modernize the control and supervision system in construction


The State Architectural and Construction Inspection and the BRDO join efforts to find mechanisms for improving the construction sector in Ukraine. The relevant Memorandum on Cooperation was signed today.

According to the Memorandum, the purpose of cooperation between the DABI (State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine) and the BRDO Office is to determine basic principles of modernization and improvement of the regulatory framework for the state supervision (control) system in urban development, as well as create a favorable environment for conducting economic activities, developing small and medium businesses and attracting investments in construction.

In addition, the State Architectural and Construction Inspection is involved in filling the IAS SSC pilot module for planning state supervision (control) activities with content and improving it, in particular regarding publishing the information on scheduled inspections.

“Changes in approaches to construction control have long been overdue, so the DABI is examining the issue of reviewing the system of inspection functions. The basic idea is to focus not on identifying, but on preventing violations in the urban planning sector. That is, moving from a punishment vector to partnership-based activities with businesses providing maximum advisory support. Such an approach will increase the quality and safety of projects under construction as well as encourage trust between inspection bodies and Ukrainian and foreign real estate developers and the public. And in combination with effective licensing procedures, it will stimulate construction processes in the country,” Oleksiy Kudryavtsev said.

“As for the Inspection itself, the involvement in the IAS system functioning is an opportunity to plan and take decisions on the development of the state control system and determine state policies in this area on the basis of serious analytics,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said. “Such an active position of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection shows that the control and supervision system is ready to be reformatted into a risk-based system and, in this context, introduce quality changes in the regulatory environment.”