Several by-laws adopted to open the space industry to private business


Last autumn, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the draft law 1071 developed by BRDO experts and making space activities open for private businesses. This is a breakthrough for Ukraine, as it provides a strong impetus for developing the potential of our space industry and attracting investments.

The next stage for the implementation of the Law is the adoption of a series of by-laws. Yesterday, another step was taken. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted two relevant documents, for which BRDO experts have conducted the regulatory impact analysis and M-Tests:

  1. The procedure for issuing a permit to implement certain space activities.
  2. The procedure for filing a declaration on space business activities.

“The Law abolishes the state monopoly on space activities, but it is necessary to develop and approve all relevant by-laws for its implementation. Then the private business will be able to fully realize its potential in the development of the space industry, creating new jobs and attracting investments in the industry. This will help to make Ukraine a strong and competitive player in the global space market,” Hanna Bashnyak, Control and Supervision Sector Head at BRDO, said.

For example, the Procedure determines the issuance of permits for the following types of activity:

  • testing (other than computer testing) of space launch vehicles, including their units and components and spacecraft;
  • launches of space launch vehicles and/or spacecraft;
  • control of spacecraft in Earth orbit or in outer space;
  • return of spacecraft and/or their components returning from Earth orbit or outer space to Earth.

Issuance and cancellation of permits will be carried out by the State Space Agency free of charge within 90 calendar days from the day of the application and the necessary documents. The application for such a permit and the relevant documents can be submitted both electronically and in paper form.

In addition, the Law provides for a declarative principle of access to the market for space activities when it comes to safe types of activity (space researches, development, production, repair and maintenance of space objects).

According to the approved Procedure, such declaration shall be submitted by business entities to the State Space Agency directly or through Administrative Services Centers (CNAP) in paper or electronic form not less than 5 working days before commencement of space activities. It is also free of charge.

We welcome these decisions and move on to the full implementation of the private space market.