Restructuring of regulatory rules on the cement market is impossible without active involvement of market participants


Restructuring of regulatory rules on the cement market is impossible without active involvement of market participants – from raw material suppliers to state institutions-regulators. The head of the Construction sector at the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) Olena Shulyak emphasized this aspect at the today’s VII International Conference “UkrCemFor 2017: Cement industry. Best Practices. Development prospects”.

Olena Shulyak said that currently the BRDO conducted a rolling review of the regulatory environment of markets initiated on behalf of the First Vice Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv in 2016. And now the BRDO experts began working on the analysis of two related markets in the construction sector – the market of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and the cement market.

“Cement and concrete markets in Ukraine in total generate 18 billion hryvnas annually, and it is logical that these segments like the most of segments in the construction industry have problems with currently important and effective state regulation,” Olena Shulyak commented and added that the segment of cement and concrete products was a basis of Ukrainian construction and its result.

According to BRDO analysts, these markets generate almost 1200 enterprises. As BRDO experts claim, 15 regulatory acts, 53% of which require to be urgently updated, affect the market.

In the expert’s opinion, today there is a need to openly discuss problems of the regulatory environment with market participants and prepare amendments that can reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, restructure rules and make the processes of developing the regulatory policy of Ukraine as transparent and balanced between interests of the state and business as possible.

“This is why we together with partners initiated a Public Dialogue campaign, during which we present the results of the regulatory market analysis as Green Papers and discuss with market participants. This process is completely public and everyone can join it. All necessary information is available on a specially created platform of effective regulation PRO,” Olena Shulyak said.

BRDO experts have already prepared the first draft of proposals to improve the regulatory environment for the market of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The next step is to analyze the cement market. The direct involvement of business representatives working on these markets will make our activity as balanced and effective as possible – at this stage, experts act not only as developers of a new regulation model, but also as intermediaries between state and business positions.

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“UkrCemFor 2017” has become a platform for discussions and brought together key players of the cement industry from both Ukraine and Europe for the seventh time. The event is aimed at focusing attention on important aspects – growing the cement market of Ukraine and the quality of products, and using the latest technologies to produce cement and building materials.