#PRODialogue in Dnipro, 80% of businesses are faced with unreasonable restrictions and requirements of licensing authorities


80% of participants representing business circles of the Dnepropetrovsk region during the discussion are faced with unreasonable restrictions and requirements of licensing authorities. So, they lose a lot of money and time that could be used for development. However, not a single local official has been held liable for violations of the right of entrepreneurs and for the improper fulfillment of mandates.

This is the results of a survey conducted during the first regional Roundtable “Moving towards businesses: simplifying the market access” that took place in Dnipro on April 25. This event gave start to a regional campaign of the Public dialogue between the government and businesses aimed at improving the state regulation and the business climate in the country.

“The business requires clear and effective rules, only then we can expect the development. The government has already started the deregulation, and about 500 outdated and illegal acts have been abolished in six months. In a view of further development, a regional aspect of the dialogue between businesses and the government will be very important, since real reforms mean that people see their results in the regions,” the head of the economic development department at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Volodymyr Lyalko said.


According to the representative of the European FORBIZ project in Ukraine Joshua Badakh, effective decisions are those ones developed in collaboration with all market participants: “The European experience shows that the public dialogue between the government and all stakeholders is a necessary component of an effective regulatory reform. When the state has already adopted a law, but the business can not work well according to this law, this is a bad practice. The business should be involved at the state of developing decisions.”

“We found out 661 cases of applying instruments to restrict access to markets while 943 regulatory acts contain the provisions providing these restrictions. At the same time, 379 documents in the permit system do not have any legal status at all. Under such conditions, the business is just a hostage of ineffective regulation,” the head of the BRDO’s sector for market supervision and control Volodymyr Holovatenko said.


This event became a platform for efficient dialogue between representatives of central and local authorities, business and expert circles. The participants expressed their readiness to go together towards creating clear and informed decisions. Participants concluded that the partnership of the government and businesses could be possible only based on mutual responsibility.