Oleksiy Honcharuk participated in the presentation of the program and speakers of the Ukrainian ID forum


Oleksiy Honcharuk participated in the presentation of the program and speakers of the International Economic Humanitarian Forum Ukrainian ID and told what the BRDO Office would present at the event on June 7-8.

“Over the past 2-3 years, much has been done to help the state of Ukraine become more conscious and more friendly to businesses. Of course, we are still on the way, but there is something to boast about. During the forum, we will talk about new opportunities available to businesses and show why in 2020, it will be more comfortable for entrepreneurs to create a business in Ukraine than now.

At the UKRAINIAN ID Forum, we will present the first cluster of step-by-step online business startup instructions that we develop on the Start Business Challenge platform. It will be a tourist cluster that includes about 30 types of business – from a sightseeing tour agency to bicycle rentals. After all, Kaniv, where the forum will be held, and other Ukrainian cities have the huge tourist potential, and we only need to start working with it. And the first step should be taken towards the business support.

I believe that the Ukraine civilization project has a great future, and what it will be depends on each of us. For this purpose, we need to join our efforts, and joining efforts begins with communication and interaction. This is our goal during the forum,” the BRDO Head said.

The International Economic and Humanitarian Forum Ukrainian ID will be held in Kaniv on June 7-8. Oleksiy Honcharuk will participate in the panel discussion “Economy ID: The Newest Concept of Ukraine’s Economic Development”.

You can register to take part in the Forum at https://ukr-id.com/uk/registration/