Oleksiy Dorohan presented Start Business Challenge at the Ukrainian ID


Ukraine is one of the world leaders in international tourism. More than 20 million tourists visit the country every year, and we have room to improve! But it is extremely necessary for Ukraine to develop the infrastructure to increase the tourist flow. 

“Every tourist uses a comprehensive range of services. They buy tickets, stay at hotels or hostels, enjoy delicious coffee at coffee shops, have dinner at restaurants and visit museums and galleries. We would like to have more such facilities in Ukraine. That’s why it is very important to help open businesses. This is exactly what our SBC.REGULATION.GOV.UA service containing about 150 step-by-step clear instructions on registration of different types of business developed by our team is aimed at,” the BRDO CEO Oleksiy Dorohan said during the panel discussion “Cult&Turism ID: Cultural tourism as the driver of the economy” at the International Economic and Humanitarian Ukrainian ID Forum held in Kaniv on June 7-8.

Oleksandr Roytburd, Anatoliy Kocherha, Yuriy Stashkiv, Yuliya Alekseyeva, Roman Balayan and Oleksandr Apalkov also joined the panel discussion on the prospects of Ukraine’s tourism potential and ways to improve it.

Visit https://sbc.regulation.gov.ua/, learn about details of starting your business, register and open your own business!