Oleksandr Kava: Development of transport infrastructure is a potential point of growth for Ukrainian economy


The head of the BRDO Transport sector Oleksandr Kava gave this opinion while commenting on the discussion “State strategy and innovations in the infrastructure sector of Ukraine” moderated by him in the framework of the Ukrainian Infrastructure forum.

The expert pointed out that this is quite possible with the development of internal infrastructure and the use of possibilities of Ukraine as an international transport junction.

“There is no need in “revolutions”, we have to develop these two directions step by step. However, the issues of internal infrastructure require immediate attention, since it can be a potential point of growth for national economy. The experience of such countries as Germany, the USA and Japan demonstrates this perfectly,” Oleksandr Kava said and added that it was a high time to focus on real projects but not on utopial strategies.

After all, such projects can provide “quick wins” both in increasing the mobility of industrial transportation and in improving the comfort of movement of citizens.