Now it is easier to connect to electricity networks: DTEK Kyiv electricity networks provided open access to electricity network maps


Starting from June 19,2018, the electricity network maps of DTEK Kyiv electricity networks are available online. It simplifies the process of connecting to electricity networks and makes relations between customers and the energy company more transparent and constructive. The project was implemented by DTEK Networks in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).

In accordance with a new Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market” and the Code of Distribution Systems, all Ukrainian energy supply companies are required to make the maps of their electricity networks (geoinformation data) available to the public starting from January 1, 2019. DTEK Kyiv electricity networks is one of the first companies in Ukraine that fulfilled this requirement – already in June 2018.

By using the geoinformation system (GIS), customers can obtain online information on the location, voltage levels, the length of overhead transmission lines, addresses and names of transformer substations, the capacity of distribution substations, the distance from a land plot to the point of connection to networks, the connection cost, etc. The GIS functionality will be improved and extended in accordance with the Law and for ease of use by the company’s customers.

“We admit that the connection procedure has been accompanied by a number of complications for many years. Today, the company is working systematically to make it simple and transparent for customers. We have already published a map showing the existing electricity transmission lines and substations in Kyiv along with the data on their capacity. This will allow customers to calculate the connection cost by their own and potential investors to assess the investment attractiveness of facilities. In parallel, we are working on creating the same service for customers in Dnipro and the Dnipropetrovsk region,” the Director General of DTEK Networks Ivan Helyukh commented.

“The disclosure of information about electricity networks of companies makes the monopoly transparent and provides businesses with an opportunity to develop the best possible investment project. I welcome such initiatives and believe that they will help Ukraine to improve its position in the Doing Business rating,” the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maksym Nefyodov said.

“For many countries, open data to assess the possibility of connecting to infrastructure networks comes as no surprise. However, in Ukraine, open data on electricity networks has looked like rarely updated lists of transformer substations until quite recently. That is why, thanks to the support of people’s deputies, our proposals on open data were considered at the legislative level, and today, the first electricity supply companies, in particular DTEK Networks, make their information open. This benefits not only consumers, but also the companies that are getting closer to consumers while implementing the best world practices,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk commented.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) emphasized that the simplicity and transparency of the conditions to connect to networks were important indicators in assessing the country’s investment attractiveness according to the Doing Business rating.

Last year, Ukraine gained 4 positions in the Doing Business 2018 rating and ranked 76th to some extent due to reducing the cost to connect electrical installations to KYIVENERGO networks (now – DTEK Kyiv electricity networks).

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