The Ministry of Regional Development together with BRDO, IDLO and “Together Against Corruption” are developing new transparent procedures regarding deviations from DBN



The Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with the public and experts worked out a roadmap of tasks to introduce new procedures for considering and approving deviations from state building codes. The roadmap was developed with the assistance of the BRDO Office, the International Intergovernmental Development Law Organization (IDLO), the government-public initiative “Together against corruption”, the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR) and the Reform Support Team (RST).

“The deregulation in the construction sector and the elimination of corruption risks are the priority tasks of the construction block of the Ministry of Regional Development. A particular attention is given to state building codes. We already have a plan to revise outdated DBNs and approve the new ones, which there are 16 DBNs this year, while we approved 13 DBNs last year. In addition, our joint task is to make procedures for considering deviations from DBNs as transparent as possible with maximum publicity and eliminate existing corruption risks,” the Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Hennady Zubko said.

As a result, in cooperation with international partners and the public sector, the membership structure of sections of the Scientific and Technical Council (that deal with deviations from DBN) was changed and the presence of an independent expert community was increased as well as the publicity of procedures was enhanced.

In addition, anti-corruption measures taken by the Ministry of Regional Development in this area were mentioned in the public report of the Government-public initiative “Together against corruption”.