We invite you to discuss a draft law on self-regulatory organizations


Self-regulation as a form of management and self-control of entrepreneurs reduces administrative burdens on businesses, promotes higher standards of activity, and therefore – better protection of consumers’ interests. That’s how it works in the world.

In Ukraine, it is possible to create a self-regulatory organization only in 15 areas, 4 of which do not have proper regulation of its establishment and operation. Officially, only 24 self-regulatory organizations are recognized in our country. It’s funny statistics, is not it?

Moreover, dozens of self-regulatory associations and organizations with a similar function can not obtain an official status, as there is no legal basis to do so for them.

Last August, the Action Plan for the implementation of the Self-Regulation Concept in Ukraine developed by the BRDO Office together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was approved to stimulate changes in this area.

At present, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine issued a Draft Law of Ukraine “On Self-Regulatory Organizations”.

BRDO is ready to participate in its finalization, but we need your feedbacks and comments on this draft law. You can leave your feedback here.