Interface of the Interactive Platform for SMEs developed


The USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) and Better Regulation Delivery Office have developed the interface of the Interactive Platform for SMEs. The work on the public part of the Platform’s functionality is also on its final stages.

As of now, the Platform’s website is being updated with content in order to become fully functional during February. 200 regulatory acts were revised by the experts in the process. Thanks to that detaled analysis the information was systematically sorted for the users’ convenience.

According to the Deputy Head of CEP Olesia Zaluska, “The Interactive Platform for SMEs will become complex information resource where entrepreneurs could receive full information about planned state inspections, prepare for them, learn about the mechanisms of legal protection, and minimize risks.”

During the development of the Platform’s functionality, the inquiries of the future users of the resource, received during the entrepreneurial survey regarding state inspections:

The following sections of the Platform will be available to users once the Platform will be publicly presented:

1. Legislation including blocks “Regulatory acts” and “Specifics of control” grouped by the defined sectors.

2. Legal protection with recommendations about its instruments and procedures of reaction if state authorities are violating rules and conditions of an inspection.

3. Documents’ templates including “Typical documents” and “Documents for appeal” against violations of inspectors.

4. Explanations with videos, articles, infographics, and other clarifying materials about inspections.

5. Telegram Chatbot with which users will be able to go through the entire process of preparation, realization, and appeal of an inspection.

6. Helper which gives users the description of the sequence of actions to eliminate negative outcomes of inspections and their prevention and minimize the risks for entrepreneurs.

“We wanted to make the interface simple and comprehensive. Consice design actually provides wide and convenient functionality. Expert team has been carefully and selecting and processing the content in order to systematize it according to teh convenient sections. Our goal is to provide complex information assistance to users: from preparation to an inspection to legal protection instruments,” says BRDO expert Yana Horiunova.