How to transform Ukraine effectively with the help of digital technologies?


Access to the Internet is already recognized by the UN as one of the fundamental human rights. It is absolutely justified, because the world is on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, when it is moving mainly to the online and automated system of interaction due to the ICT development.

Today, as part of the International Forum “Digital Transformation 2019” organized by Huawei Ukraine in partnership with the Better Regulation Delivery Office, international informatization trends, innovations and the topical question of how to transform Ukraine effectively with the help of digital technologies were discussed.

The BRDO Head Oleksii Dorohan tried to find the answer during his speech.

The expert emphasized the importance of broadband access (BBA) to the Internet as a driver for the development of the Ukrainian economy and society.

Oleksii said that one of the goals of the newly created Ministry of Digital Transformation was to provide BBA to the Internet throughout Ukraine for the next 3 years. According to the BRDO Head, the implementation of such an ambitious plan requires:

  • updating the legislative framework for electronic communications
  • creating an up-to-date interactive map of BBA coverage throughout Ukraine, including remote rural areas
  • developing a State Policy Concept for this area and approve an appropriate Action Plan with specific steps, indicators and timelines based on this concept.

The BRDO Office’s achievements for digital transformation of the country include:

  • Comprehensive research on the BBA market
  • Simplified access to infrastructure for telecom operators
  • Assistance with the implementation of a project for internetization of schools
  • Improved procedure to use 900 MHz band
  • Draft law “On Development of Infrastructure for Digital Transformation of Economy and Society” No. 2320, the adoption and implementation of which will allow to achieve the goal of providing BBA to the Internet for 100% of the country’s territory.

Oleksii Dorohan spoke about the legislative initiative in more detail during the panel discussion “Opportunities and Challenges for FBB Development in Ukraine” as part of the forum.

“We are convinced that developing and adopting a good law is not enough. It is also necessary to provide an effective mechanism for its implementation. This is why, first and foremost, we need the Concept of State Policy in this area developed jointly with all stakeholders. This will allow to set targets with specific indicator, develop a clear plan for achieving them, define those responsible, and then we will be able to evaluate both quantitative and qualitative results achieved.”