The Head of SRS Ksenia Lyapina is for combined use of better regulation methods


The Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine announced that at the National Reform Council’s meeting that took place today. According to her, there are two methods to create the better regulation, which are needed to be currently used in an integrated manner. A jet method is an adoption of the Action Plan concerning the deregulation of the economic activity consisting of business appeals, and proactive method – a review of the regulation system in the certain spheres of the economic management. The second method is directed at the review of the regulatory and legal framework to regulate entire markets. So, firstly it is necessary to define the markets, regulation affecting on it and then the whole system of this regulation is being analyzed according to its compliance with the regulatory policy principles.

“The accelerated review of the legal framework of regulatory acts has already taken place in 2005 and 2010.  Then some thousands of excessive regulatory acts were abolished, but the business did not feel any positive consequences. If nowadays we complexly come to the creation of quality regulatory environment taking into consideration the previous experience then we will be able to create the better regulatory framework for the business in all spheres,” Ksenia Lyapina said.

Source: the press service of the State Regulatory Service.