The Head of BRDO: Reforms should be based on fundamental changes instead of fragmentary cosmetic ones


Only fundamental changes in the decision-making system can provide efficient reforms in Ukraine. The head of BRDO Oleksiy Honcharuk stated that at the beginning of an expert discussion “The concept of efficient development of the decision-making system”. According to him, it is time to move from fragmentary cosmetic changes in the decision-making system to completely new approaches, particularly, in reforming the regulator policy. The event was organized by the BRDO at the premises of Kyiv Mohyla Business School.

Having opening the discussion, the co-chairman of the Strategic Advisory Group for reforms of the Cabinet of Ministers Ivan Miklosh emphasized the absurdity of the modern decision-making system concerning key issues in different responsibility centers, which often doesn’t reconcile the policy. In addition, he noticed that the reforming is a rather political than technical problem.

Oleksiy Honcharuk presented the Concept of efficient development of the decision-making system prepared by BRDO experts. According to the concept, 10 basic reforms are designed to transform the inert obsolete state regulatory policy control system into an efficient tool for state development. Reforming the control/supervision system, introducing a single administrative procedure, simplifying the market access, refocusing on cyclicality of regulatory policy planning, step-by-step transition to the long term planning and functional reorientation from the papers to the economic policies in the regulatory system are among the main reforms.

“We developed a system vision of changes in the state decision-making process, I’m grateful to representatives of the international Strategy Advisory Group Miklosh/Balcerowicz, the BRDO started to actively collaborate with, for supporting our reformatory beginnings.  The today’s discussion confirmed that a “quick wins” period must stay in the past. It is time to determine strategic priorities and form the vision for a long term development planning period,” Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

During the presentation, the Head of BRDO also showed the experts a working prototype of information analysis system for data systematization and regulator policy control called “Prostir”. The capabilities of the system that has been demonstrated with concrete examples caused a lively discussion among the experts and confirmed the importance of further work on creating a single information space for regulators, business and the public.

As a result of this discussion, experts agreed to continue active consultations to improve the concept of effective regulation prepared by the BRDO that will form the basis for developing the already agreed package of system regulatory reforms in the future.


The expert discussion was organized by the BRDO at the premises of Kyiv Mohyla Business School on June 29. The Head of BRDO Oleksiy Honcharuk was the moderator and general speaker.

The Senior Advisor at the Strategic Advisory Group for Support of Economic Reforms in Ukraine Olexander Shkurla, the head of NBU Process Management Department’s projects and programs Tetjana Dyachuk, the head of the European Information and Research Center Roman Kobets, the head of the Center for Public Expertise Lubomir Chorniy, the member of the All-Ukrainian association of small and medium businesses “Fortress” Olexander Pliva and other lead experts with an experience in institutional reforms of public authorities were among the main participants.