Do entrepreneurs need an online map of Oblenergo’s electricity networks?


Connecting to electricity networks is a problem for Ukrainian business. This is confirmed by the Doing Business rating, in which this indicator is also taken into account.

BRDO experts analyzed the retail electricity supply market last year. We not only reviewed the connection problem in detail, but also proposed effective mechanisms to resolve it, as outlined in the White Paper “Regulation of the retail electricity market. Main optimization directions”.

One of them is an online map of Oblenergo’s electricity networks. It should include today’s transmission lines derived from google maps. This will allow anyone to know if their facilities are located in the standard (in 300 meters from networks of an electricity transmission company) or non-standard connection zone.

Such public information will simplify the planning of activities for customers who would like to connect to electricity networks and ensure the transparency of relationships between customers and monopolists.

Does the business and expert community consider such an initiative currently important? We will be glad to get comments and suggestions for cooperation.