Energy is one step closer to effective regulation


The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) welcomes the approval of important decisions in the energy sector. In particular, the adoption of the draft law #2966-d “On the National Commission for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation” and the support of the draft law #4493 “On the Electricity Market in Ukraine” in the first reading.

As the Energy Sector Head Oleksiy Orzhel said, just a lack of decisions regarding these critically important sector draft laws has been remaining the uncertainty factor in the energy sector. He believes that these decisions will help in reforming the sector and creating the effective regulatory environment in this area.

However, the sector experts pay attention to problematic aspects. In particular, they are referring to a lack of guarantees of the energy regulator’s independence. In their opinion, it is important given the period of “deep” reforming in the sector and developing the subsidiary legislation under the Law of Ukraine “On the natural gas market” and the future law “On the electricity market in Ukraine”. It is because the independence of this arbiter and the formation of balance of interests in the relationship between market players, the state and consumers is crucial in implementing the effective regulation of the energy sector.