Draft concept on informatization of medicine published for public consultations


Modern medicine is the dream of every Ukrainian. And creating an electronic health system is an integral part of Ukraine’s healthcare transformation.

Until last year, everyone worked only with paper documents in Ukrainian healthcare system. The computerization level has increased from 3% to 97% in less than a year. Today Ukraine is developing the most modern electronic healthcare system almost from scratch.

25,000 family doctors and 1,279 healthcare facilities have been already registered in the eHealth system. And 27.7 million patients have chosen trusted doctors and signed declarations in the system.

The concept on informatization of medicine contains a strategic plan for the development of the electronic healthcare system, main principles of its operation, and necessary legislative changes and prerequisites for the system investment attractiveness. On June 4, 2019, the draft concept was presented and published for public consultations.

Better Regulation Delivery Office coordinates IT community support in building the service of technical administrator for the eHealth system.

Learn more about the draft Concept on Health Care Informatization here.