The Cabinet of Ministers approved 9 decisions to improve the business operation


On May 24, the Cabinet of Ministers approved 9 draft amendments developed by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the “Deregulation day”. BRDO experts participated in developing the provisions.

“The result of the Deregulation day was the liberalization of the state supervision (control) system that will allow to reduce the number of contacts of supervisory bodies and businesses as well as significantly reduce corruption risks,” the First Vice Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv said.

For example, in particular, the Government approved the implementation of a public integrated database of inspections, namely a Procedure of functioning an integrated automated system of state supervision (control), at the suggestion of the Ministry of Economic Development. This will make the activity of supervisory bodies more transparent, predictable and accountable. This system will provide the access of public representatives, business entities, government bodies and local government agencies to the information on state supervision (control) measures via the Internet. From now on, state supervision (control) bodies will have to submit the information on planned state supervision (control) measures no later than October 15 of the year, and on October 17, the system will automatically publish a draft plan of comprehensive measures related to state supervision (control).

“Our goal is ambitious, but completely achievable – the most effective inspection system in Europe. The task for this year is to launch the online system (Integrated database of inspections) and implement a risk-oriented approach,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

In addition, the Government approved the methodology designed to help inspection bodies to determine the acceptable number of inspections. This methodology will provide a unified approach to developing criteria to assess risk levels of economic activities and determine the frequency of planned state supervision (control) measures, and standardized forms of acts prepared according to the results of planned (unplanned) state supervision (control) measures.

The Government also approved a Procedure of implementing comprehensive planned state supervision (control) measures. This Procedure establishes rules to conduct planned inspections in an integrated manner, in other words, by all bodies simultaneously.

“We expect that these decisions will allow to reduce the number of contacts of supervisory bodies and businesses by 15-30%, and the new methodology will allow to move to a system of business inspections based on risk management,” the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Maksim Nefyodov.

The third initiative – the Ministry of Economic Development and the State Regulatory Service gained the right to monitor the observance of main provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles of State Supervision (Control) in Sphere of Economic Activity” by inspection bodies. This decision will allow to enhance the protection of businesses from inspection bodies by engaging the Ministry of Economic Development and the SRS into inspections at the initiative of companies.

The procedure of submitting documents to licensing authorities electronically was also improved. According to the decision, the unified procedure is established – electronic documents (or scanned copies in PDF format) are submitted to licensing authorities through a Unified State Portal of administrative services, including through information systems of licensing authorities integrated in it. There is no need to duplicate documents submitted electronically on paper any more.

Finally, they also approved the decision to provide the public access to information on urban planning documents via a new web service on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development. This decision will allow to obtain information on urban planning documents in a minute and identify promising areas for investment in a timely manner. The information will be available for 29.5 thousand settlements.

As a result of the Deregulation day, the Cabinet of Ministers has also approved the Development Strategy for small and medium businesses in Ukraine until 2020. Its implementation will help establish a system approach to develop and implement state policies in this sphere and create favorable conditions to develop competitive small and medium enterprises (SMEs).