#BRDOSchool holds a series of training sessions on RIA for representatives of ministries


The market surveillance sector head Volodymyr Holovatenko, together with the analyst of the BRDO Office Anna Palazova, continues a series of training sessions on Regulatory Impact Analysis for representatives of ministries. The second group, which learned all theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis, consists of experts from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

“For more than a year, our #BRDOSchool has been engaged in specialized education and training of a community of professional civil servants who began introducing a new culture and new standards of public administration in Ukraine, when returning into their offices. We are ready to continue providing the necessary support, because we are moving towards a goal, which is common to us all – to build an effective state,” the #BRDOSchool had Khrystyna Faychak said.