BRDO presented a model for reviewing the regulation of aerodrome environs development


Today, the BRDO team is involved in reviewing the regulation of aerodrome environs development. It is a high-profile problem, because according to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the State Aviation Service issued 115 decisions to stop the construction of facilities, most of which have been already finished, as of March 2018, while there are dozens of lawsuits involving claims of the State Aviation Service against owners of buildings at aerodrome environs.

An expert on the Construction sector at BRDO Iryna Bardasova presented ways to solve this problem during the roundtable discussion at the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine. “Inadequate regulation leads to a conflict between construction and aviation sectors: on the one hand, in case of construction works started without approval of authorized aviation bodies and companies, there are violations of aviation safety requirements and risks for aerodromes to lose their certificates; on the other hand, obtaining additional approvals is an artificial barrier to start construction activities and significant losses of time and funds by entities involved in urban development activities,” Iryna Bardasova said.

In Kyiv, in order to comply with all the aviation safety requirements in case of a new construction, it is necessary to get 7 approvals, and it will take about 18 months. Are business representatives ready to wait for such a long period? “In order to make aviation and construction sectors working in tandem, it is necessary to remove artificial barriers to start construction activities, namely to cancel the obligation of construction project owners to obtain separate approvals, and to include aviation safety requirements in urban planning documentation as well as add the relevant development limits in the urban planning conditions and restrictions,” Iryna Bardasova said. Business and construction industry representatives and experts concluded that the laws updated in an appropriate way would improve the situation in the sector, and the society and business would benefit from a positive result.