BRDO expert: Law on licensing of economic activities should be improved by a number of positions


According to experts, mechanisms and principles of business licensing in Ukraine require significant improvements. This issue was discussed during the consultation on the State Regulatory Service’s proposals to make amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Economic Activities” that took place on April 19, 2016. The head of the BRDO Control and Supervision sector Volodymyr Holovatenko and the expert Leonid Litvinenko represented the Better Regulation Delivery Office at the event.

The State Regulatory Service’s proposals on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing of Economic Activities” presented by the Head of the State Regulatory Service Kseniya Lyapina are aimed at removing a number of inconsistencies, gaps and internal legal conflicts of provisions of this Law.

“Systematic processing of packages of licensing conditions in different sectors showed that the Law “On Licensing of Economic Activities” required to be clarified by a large number of positions. Our practical experience allows us to confirm State Regulatory Service’s conclusions – a significant number of inconsistencies repeat and illustrate the need for system amendments to the basic law on licensing of business activities. It is important to carefully approach the issues on what activities should be regulated by the state with the help of such a regulatory instrument as a license. The market may be regulated with a variety of instruments – both limiting and stimulating ones,” Volodymyr Holovatenko summed up discussion results.

During the presentation of State Regulatory Service’s proposals, government officials and experts supported the State Regulatory Service’s concept on system improvement of licensing procedures by optimizing the mechanisms of state regulation.

We would like to remind the reader that a systematic review of regulations, including licensing conditions, and developing effective changes is one of key tasks of the Better Regulation Delivery Office while being the main BRDO focus concerning the reform of the Ukrainian economy and state administration since it has been established in 2015. Conclusions of our experts constantly result in making amendments to certain regulations governing various sectors – from medicine and hazardous waste management to national supervision over business activities.