BRDO demands refutation of false information regarding the electronic communications code provided by some media


In response to several media reports containing false information regarding the BRDO’s activity, in particular regarding the Electronic Communications Code and the draft law 2320, we emphasize:

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) is an independent expert-analytical center that is committed to its principles of integrity, openness and transparency.

The defamation is related to the information that the draft law 2320 provides for the RFR function under the monopoly of a private company.

In fact, the draft law provides for the opposite: this function is envisaged for the UCRF state enterprise (Art.8, p.7.6; Art.45; 47 of the draft Law. “Radio frequency monitoring functions are performed by the National regulator with the involvement of an authorized state-owned enterprise under its management”). In such a way, the supervision function is assigned to the NCCIR, while the monitoring function – to the UCRF. Moreover, the text of the new draft law contains a separate article which lists the UCRF’s powers (Article 49).

The draft law 2320, which is available on the VRU website for everyone, was developed on the basis of the latest EU communications developments, namely the European Electronic Communications Code, and provides for the most balanced position of all parties. After all, a working group consisting of the BRDO Office, UCRF, operators, providers and the regulator worked on it. The draft law doesn’t contain provisions that provides for assigning RFR supervision and monitoring functions to any private company.

The BRDO experts Nadiya Kostryba, Hlib Schegol and Ihor Samokhodsky participated in drafting this law. In addition, the activities with market participants (operators, providers, UCRF, NCCRI and associations) were held within working groups at the BRDO Office. Volodymyr Smolyar, who is mentioned in the media as one of the participants who drafted the law, did not participate in the working group and in the development of the draft law. Moreover, Mr. Smolyar was not a consultant on this draft law outside the working group.

We emphasize: We stand for creating the effective regulation along with a competitive environment in every area of our expertise. For this purpose, we are implementing an inclusive and open process of regulatory relations optimization aimed at strengthening the trust and partnership of the state and business.

We seek honest and open relationships with all stakeholders and the media, so we demand refutation of false information.