The Better Regulation Delivery Office held a meeting “Results of the Year”


The Head of the Better Regulation Office and heads of sectors talked about their achievements, in particular, regarding the review of the regulatory environment, the introduction of new standards of effective regulation and a number of other initiatives in the regulatory sphere, and outlined the priorities for the next year at the meeting “Results of the Year” held at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School today.

“Ukraine needs real reforms, but not their imitation. We built our work on this principles in 2016. This fact as well as the support of our partners and the potential of Better Regulation Delivery Office experts allowed to launch a number of important changes and obtain the first results,” the Head of the Better Regulation Delivery Office Oleksiy Honcharuk said commenting on the results of the year.

He mentioned the start of the rolling review of the regulatory environment in 5 key economy sectors among the most important achievements and said that as of today, an inventory preparatory stage was over and they started the review of the effectiveness of regulation in 70 pilot markets. This is a significant step towards re-orientation to the regulation measurability.

The first stage of cleaning the regulatory environment of “garbage” is among the main achievements in 2016. For example, as the result of the “deregulation day”, the Government abolished 367 obsolete and illegal regulations.

In addition, the Government approved 10 decisions that makes the life much easier for businesses at the initiative of the BRDO Office. We are talking about reducing the number of works and services subject to licensing in the fire safety sphere from 17 to 7, abolishing the ban on mixing grain, the minimum cost of notary services, simplifying the procedure to construct mobile communication base stations, improving the procedure to calculate the normative monetary valuation of land plots and others.

A key achievement is the participation of BRDO Office experts in introducing a reform of control and supervision system as well as in reforming the fire inspection, reviewing regulatory functions of the National Bank and reforming the system of medical protocols.

As for improving our position in the Doing Business ranking, there is also a significant progress, although it is not reflected in this year’s results of the ranking. However, a comprehensive draft law developed by the BRDO Office experts and a number of decisions approved this year will allow to expect that we will enter the Top 30 already in 2018.

We are working intensively to introduce the Concept of Effective Regulation supported by the National Council for Reforms and it is planned to submit it for the Government’s consideration next year. We prepared a step by step action plan to introduce it and a project of a new architecture for regulatory environment. In addition, we started the review of regulatory ways and developed a “Green Paper”.

With the active participation of the BRDO Office, the amendments to the method of calculation of fees for connecting to electricity grids of up to 5 MW were developed and approved. This list is partial, we are still developing many initiatives. The BRDO Office will continue to work on their approval and take an active position regarding removing barriers for the business development and introducing a system of effective regulation in Ukraine.

There are the following actions among key priorities: the review of regulations in 70 pilot markets, cleaning of the regulatory environment of ineffective and illegal acts, the review of a panel of regulatory instruments, introducing a comprehensive database of inspections and a system of electronic registration of wood, making urban planning documentations available for access, the simplification of the registration for foreign citizens and a maximum progress of Ukraine in the World Bank’s ranking in terms of ease of doing business and others.