Up to 7 million Ukrainians use open state data-based services every month


Between 5.2 and 7 million Ukrainians use monthly open state data-based services — this is 17-23% of Ukrainian Internet users. The respective analysis was conducted by experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).

According to the analysis, the most popular data are competitive intelligence (up to 2.7 million), medicine (up to 1.9 million), and public transport (up to 1.3 million) data.

The analysis was based on the SimilarWeb service data. For this purpose, the average monthly number of unique visitors to the service websites was used. Data of the largest services were refined by their representatives,

Services are categorized by subject. As user audiences may be the same within a category, the lower number of users in the category is the highest index in the category, and the upper one — the sum of indices.

Upper and lower estimates of the number of open data-based service users in Ukraine are defined as the sum of upper and lower estimates by category.

BRDO experts conducted the Open Data Policy analysis, which formed the main problems in the open data sector.