A plan of comprehensive state control measures for 2020 to be approved by November 15


A plan of comprehensive measures of state control for 2020 will be approved as early as November 15. The draft plan can be found on the Inspection Portal here.

Government bodies are also actively drafting their annual plans that will be approved by December 1. Now these draft plans are available on the portal.

Timeliness and openness of planning is always a step towards greater efficiency and transparency of activities. However, the full implementation of such a process is hampered by some limitations.

For example, in 2018-2019, detailed risk criteria were approved in 72 areas of supervision. However, not all government bodies have detailed information on enterprises, so they may not always adequately assess a risk category of business entities. In such a way, the number of low-risk enterprises increased significantly in this year’s plans. However, there is a very realistic chance that the bodies will change these risk categories after conducting inspections and obtaining full information about these entities.

Some indicative data based on the currently available information

As in the previous year, the SES (State Emergency Service of Ukraine) takes a leading position in terms of the number of inspections scheduled for 2020. According to data for 2018-2019, this agency has the highest record of violations: this is a result of almost 100% of inspections.

As for the regions, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions take leading positions. Almost 17% of all inspections are conducted in these regions. However, it should be noted that statistics take into account only those bodies providing plans by territorial departments, so it does not reflect the full picture.

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