A draft law on open space was approved in the second reading


The Parliament of Ukraine adopted a draft law 1071 on promoting space activities and attracting investments in the space industry in the second reading.  

This means that private companies will be able to join the development of the Ukrainian space industry. Prior to that, only state-owned companies were allowed to engage in aerospace development.

At the same time, the State Space Agency of Ukraine still controls potentially dangerous activities such as rocket launching and testing as well as spacecraft control and recovery.

The draft law takes into account international requirements and world best practices. For example, the document contains the following innovations after the second reading:

  • Private companies are legally allowed to build rockets.
  • A burdensome permit to negotiate with a foreign business is cancelled and a notification is introduced.
  • The obligation of entrepreneurs to insure their own space objects is excluded, since the personal property insurance should be the responsibility of their owners. There will be the liability insurance of those involved in space activities.
  • Permits to test and launch space rockets will be issued by the Agency within 90 days.
  • Permits are not required for safe activities (space researches, development, production, and repair and maintenance of space objects) as there will be a declarative principle.

The draft law is just one step towards open space in Ukraine. Before meeting with the SSAU, companies should go through a number of procedures: authorization for airspace use, environmental expertise, certification and export control. However, the draft law 1071 eliminated corruption risks in dealing with the Agency.

The changes introduced by the draft law will allow Ukraine to secure its role in the global space sector, attract investments and create additional jobs.