Zhytomyr is among the three leaders of Regional Doing Business 2018


The BRDO Office and the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) presented results of the Regional Doing Business 2018 rating in Zhytomyr.

The city became one of the three leaders and ranked 3rd with a total of 313 of maximum 600 points. The greatest progress was achieved in the ‘starting a business’ component.

“Zhytomyr can get the maximum amount of points in this component by minimizing the time of this procedure as much as possible. Today, it is 7 days, but it can be done just in one day. Besides, it is recommended to work on the possibility of online business registration,” Olena Shuliak, the Construction Sector head and Board Member of BRDO, said.

Olena Shuliak provided several suggestions on improving other components to local authority representatives. “It would be good to conduct consultations with business owners to review local tax rates, especially the single tax rate for the second group of payers. In addition, pay attention to a share participation, which is the most corrupt tax in the construction industry. It should be canceled or significantly reduced for non-residential premises and industrial buildings, as, for example, Chernihiv did,” she said.

Particular attention should be paid to the new rating component – “Electronic services”. As long as this trend is not developed in Zhytomyr, it will have only 18 of 100 points. In turn, representatives of the Zhytomyr City Council voiced their readiness to improve the procedures. Moreover, they are ready to cooperate closely both with experts and business owners in this area to provide satisfied results primarily for entrepreneurs.