Who and when will be inspected next year?


From now on, it is easier than ever to find out whether your enterprise will be inspected next year – you just need to enter its name or a business identity code in the search bar created by the Better Regulation Delivery Office experts.

The Inspection Plan for 2017, according to which the search function was created, includes the information on all main regulatory authorities, with the exception of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

And while you are clarifying the future of the company you are interested in, our analysts have already tried this search system and found some interesting details and facts: what inspections the regulatory authorities are planning for Ukrainian businesses next year.

About the amount

The total amount of inspections combined into comprehensive inspections will be 18.258. Interestingly, the number of comprehensive inspections was increased more than twice compared to 2016: 18 258 vs. 8136.

The Silpo chain of supermarkets takes a leading position in terms of planned inspections (for one enterprise) – 228 inspections are planned for its facilities.

Top 5 most frequently inspected enterprises in 2017 are large food retail chains (see the infographic)


About the form

The inspections of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection include five the largest comprehensive inspections in terms of the amount of planned inspections. What is more, the majority of all addresses planned to be inspected are the addresses of stores. In addition – all inspections are planned for the same day.

Monday is the most popular day to start the planned comprehensive inspections.

The number of inspections is growing from month to month. This can be explained by the fact that according to the Law “On the Main Principles of State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity” from 05/04/2007, a minimal interval between two planned inspections should be one year. If several regulatory authorities want to inspect the same enterprise, then, in fact, the final inspection date should be determined as the last date among all inspection dates of various regulatory authorities.

About leaders

The State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection planned the largest number of activities: the amount of its inspections has increased by 5 times, up to more than 16 thousand. The colleagues-inspectors from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine breathe on its neck – they planned more than 12,000 inspections (see the infographic).


The organizations working mainly in the field of education gained the leading positions in terms of the growth dynamics of the inspections amount: the number of their inspections will be increased by 55 times. In particular, if we talk about the institutions of general education – from 71 to 3900.

It should be noted that the majority of these inspections will be the inspections of schools conducted by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Probably, this growth can be explained by the reaction to the school collapse in Vasylkiv that happened on October 11, 2016.

It is worth noting that 20% of these inspections are planned to conduct in Cherkasy region. In most cases, one enterprise will have 2 visits of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and 1 visit of the State Emergency Service planned for the same day.

In addition, the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection made another ‘record’: they planned 2 time more inspections than last year.

The search function is available here: https://brdo.com.ua/inspections/