How to refuse to have a comprehensive inspection: life hack #3


So, as you already know, a comprehensive inspection is an inspection of the same enterprise conducted by several supervision (control) bodies simultaneously. But what to do if this “inspection wave” is not convenient for your business? Can you refuse it and what happens then? In this case, you need to know about…

The New Year’s inspection life hack #3. Freedom from comprehensive inspection and other peculiarities

Yes, an entrepreneur has the right to refuse to have a comprehensive inspection. To do this, you need to send a written request for refusal from comprehensive inspections to the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine (SRS).

By the way, according to the current law regulating state supervision (control), this right is not restricted by conditions: you are not obliged to specify why you would like to refuse having a comprehensive inspection in your request.

However, this can be done for a limited period of time – from October 15 to November 15, when the annual plan of comprehensive inspections for the next year is developed. State supervision (control) bodies shall upload the information about business entities they plan to inspect next year to the integrated automated system (IAS) not later than October 15. The SRS should approve the plan of comprehensive inspections for the following year, publish it on its website and upload it to the IAS by November 15. During this period of time (between uploading information and approving the plan of comprehensive inspections), there is a technical possibility to change the draft plan of comprehensive inspections – and you can take advantage of the right to refuse to have them.

But what happens if you refuse to have a comprehensive inspection? The state supervision (control) bodies will inspect your enterprise on a stand-alone basis, according to the dates specified in their annual inspection plans.

ATTENTION! In this case, the total duration of all inspections during the year can not exceed 30 working days for large and medium enterprises and 15 working days for small and micro enterprises. If, after three inspections conducted in time frames specified (10 working days or 5 working days), another agency intends to inspect you, you have the right to refuse it.