ProAID International Technical Assistance Coordination Portal was launched with the support of the BRDO Office


On April 4, the Ministry of Economic Development launched an official web portal for international technical assistance (ITA) coordination (ProAID) in Ukraine. The web resource contains full and updated information on current international assistance projects in Ukraine, their goals, donors and implementation status.

The portal was developed by the MEDT reform support team with the support of the BRDO Office and the Ukrainian IT community, in particular the IT Ukraine Association.

“International donor assistance is a powerful tool that can significantly help Ukraine to transform itself into a successful developed country. But only if these resources are effectively used for the right purposes in a transparent and open manner, with the possibility of public control. That is why open data is very important in this area,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

The ProAID portal is an information ITA management system, which is an updated version of the OpenAid test model. Today, the portal contains the most updated database of international assistance projects and programs in Ukraine with full detailed information and relative project documentation. The portal allows any user to easily find information about ITA projects by using special filters: by type of assistance and financing; by regions; by ITA project donors, executors, beneficiaries and recipients; by project duration. In addition, it provides an opportunity to deal with the interactive analytical materials on international assistance in Ukraine.

Moreover, the ProAID portal allows initiators and executors to register new ITA projects as well as re-register them. To do this, it is necessary to provide the project initiator’s contact information, fill in the appropriate registration form and attach the project documentation. If you perform these steps, the portal will automatically form a project registration card, and you will need just to wait for the project approval by administrators.

Learn more about the functions of the ProAID portal and use its analytical tools at

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The portal development and launch is envisaged by the CMU Resolution No.153 “On Establishment of a Unified System for Attraction, Use and Monitoring of International Technical Assistance” of February 15, 2002, and the CMU Resolution No.835 “On Approval of the Regulation on Data Sets to be Published in the form of Open Data” of October 21, 2015.