One in five transactions is suspicious in the primary real estate market


Starting from 2015, Ukrainians invest more than 1 billion euros annually in primary real estate. However, one in five transactions is suspicious.

Our readers already know the story of Chernivtsi real estate developers. They cannot build an office center in the city because of a lack of licenses and permits. The waiting period is long and leads to enormous financial losses for business. This, in turn, worsens investment and business climate in Ukraine. In addition, often developers get formal refusal. Together with the business and sector associations we discussed these issues during the case study “Real Estate Developer vs State. Who is on top?”

The business-state communication should be improved. E-services for construction business will contribute to this process and become another anti-corruption step. Apart from that, they will provide analytics on expert organizations and their competence for future partnerships.

Eventually, the state would to become a service and help create an attractive investment and business climate in Ukraine. However, it takes time to achive this.