Oleksandr Kubrakov: Third place in Ukraine’s exports is not the limit to IT industry development


Source: radiosvoboda.org.

Experts say that the third place in Ukraine’s exports is not the limit to IT industry development. According to the IT specialist Oleksandr Kubrakov, the Ukrainian IT industry can grow to $5-6 billion by 2020. Experts agree that the secret to the success of Ukrainian programmers and other specialists in quality education and simplified taxation.

The BRDO IT Sector Head Oleksandr Kubrakov explains the rapid development of the industry by the fact that it is 99% export-oriented, that is, the specialists of this sector do not depend on economic fluctuations within the country. Kubrakov told in the “Rankova Svoboda” radio program that the IT industry has been existing in Ukraine for 20 years and Ukrainian specialists have already gained a certain reputation in the world market.

“Everyone knows that they taking on the most complicated projects and perform them on a timely basis, and the price/quality ratio is acceptable while being a win-win for everyone. To my mind, Ukrainian companies will develop and gain their market share,” he said.

According to the expert, today exports of the Ukrainian software industry amounted to 3.2 billion dollars.

“Some estimates suggest that if the state guarantees that business conditions will not be changed, the industry may grow to $5-6 billion in 2020,” Kubrakov predicts.

He convinces that Ukrainian IT specialists will be able to compete with foreign specialists, and gives clear examples of their cooperation with global companies. “Self-service kiosks at McDonalds, which are all over the world… they are made in Ukraine by the Global Logic company – from idea to realization,” he says.

He also mentioned the EPAM company, which has developed a billing system for a retailing company in Canada, and the automotive industry: “About 80 automobile producers are developing software for their cars, for navigation systems in Ukraine. There are 3-4 Ukrainian companies that specialize in this area.”

Oleksandr Kubrakov also recognize the significant role of education in the development of the Ukrainian IT industry. At the same time, he assures that an excessive amount of employees in the market is not predicted: “If you look at the number of open vacancies in Ukrainian companies, you will see that there are hundreds of them. Therefore, there will be no overproduction.”

This is also proved by the figures on employment he provides: according to Kubrakov, 70-80% of graduates from the 12 most famous technical universities of Ukraine are working in the IT industry.