Monitor inspections: analytical module “Transparent inspections” was presented in Ukraine


This tool makes it easy to systematize information on inspections to strengthen control and increase the transparency of the regulatory system.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) presented an analytical module “Transparent inspections” together with the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine as part of the USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services/TAPAS project. The tool provides up-to-date transparent analytics on scheduled and conducted inspections while being aimed at strengthening public control and preventing corruption risks in the inspection area.

There are about two hundred thousand business inspections conducted every year in Ukraine, but there is no clear picture of their effectiveness. Publishing open inspection data on the Inspection Portal 2017 was the first step to systematize information in this area. But there was still a lack of tools for a thorough analysis of patterns and deviations. That is why the BRDO team developed the analytical module that accumulated all available information on inspections and organized the data with special filters, making it a convenient tool to increase the transparency of inspections.

“The whole reform of the state supervision and control system is aimed at raising the level of legal awareness of business owners as for inspections. The analytical module “Transparent inspections” is another tool that will allow entrepreneurs to get prompt information about inspections as well as allow public activists to monitor corruption risks,” Kseniya Lyapina, Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, said during the presentation.

The module is available on the Inspection Portal ( supported by 27 inspection bodies out of 33 existing ones. The data on 250 thousand planned inspections and more than 300 thousand results of inspections already conducted in 2018-2019 was published on the portal. The information is updated 24 hours a day being available for analytics thorough the module “Transparent inspections”.

“The major inspection bodies have been publishing data on scheduled and unscheduled inspections on the Inspection Portal for two years. This is a vast array of information that can and should be used to draw conclusions: on the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection bodies as well as on the burden on businesses created by state control. There has been no consolidated information on such aspects before, so the analytical module presented should change the situation,” Oleksiy Dorohan, BRDO CEO, emphasized.

This online tool will be useful for both business representatives and the public, as well as for regulatory authorities. By using the module, entrepreneurs and public activists will be able to:

  • receive up-to-date information both on inspections in general and their results (whether inspections were conducted and which ones, whether any violations were recorded and what sanctions were imposed, etc.) and the status of any enterprise;
  • receive summary information on the performance of inspection bodies, including the number of inspections, the frequency of violations identified, the size of sanctions as well as information on each specific body and even each inspector;
  • create various ratings of enterprises or inspection bodies (by the number of inspections, by the number of violations, by the size of sanctions, etc.);
  • find information on specific extreme cases (enterprises with the highest number of violations, etc.).

The advantages of the module “Transparent inspections” for the work of inspection bodies are:

  • the ability to monitor the performance of both the whole body and its territorial departments;
  • the ability to identify atypical situations and prevent corruption risks;
  • the ability to create interactive reports.

“Transparent and accessible information on inspections means more public control over the work in this area, less corruption risks and pressure on business and better conditions for the activities of government bodies. Transparency and accountability will ultimately help improve the business environment and, as a result, strengthen the country’s economy, so we are always happy to support the development of analytical solutions such as the analytical module “Transparent inspections” as part of the TAPAS project,” Petro Matiyashek, USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services/TAPAS project director, said.

As a reminder, in October 2017, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and with the support of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) launched the Inspection Portal, which is now actively used by state supervision (control) bodies and entrepreneurs. Working on the analytical module “Transparent inspections” was another step in the development of the portal.