Launching PTR beta testing on smartphone


On January 1, 2020, beta testing of PTR software “pRROsto” will be officially launched. This is a freeware solution developed by the State Tax Service together with BRDO and Fintellect to simplify payment procedures for sellers and consumers.

The software solution “pRROsto” will interact with the STS’s fiscal server via the Internet and perform all functions defined for the PTR: forming, signing, sending and issuing cash receipts in the established format, session opening and closing, etc.

The seller will need just to scan a product bar code or enter the data manually and confirm the sale on the smartphone to generate a cash receipt. Next, there will be a fiscal sales receipt number with QR code on the screen. After scanning it, the consumer will receive the cash receipt, which will already be on the website, on his/her smartphone.

You can apply for beta testing of the application at The software solution is available for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. Applicants will be invited for testing after January 9, 2020.

According to the results of testing and after completion of possible upgrading, the software solution “pRROsto” will be launched on a free basis for conducting business activities.

It is worth noting that the Law No. 1053-1 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Application of Payment Transactions Recorders in Trade, Catering and Services” Regarding the Unshadowing of Payments in the Field of Trade and Services” provides for the possibility of using both classical and software PTRs, no restrictions imposed by the state for the PTR software development and the registration of software PTRs through the e-cabinet.

In such a way, the proposed software solution is not exclusive, and the availability of an open publicly available software interface (API) allows software developers to offer alternative solutions to entrepreneurs and apply them for own needs. The service does not require certification, technical expertise and inclusion in the State Register of Models, since it is enough for such an application to fulfill legal requirements, form, sign and register cash receipts in the established format and provide them to consumers and service recipients, including in electronic format.

Ensuring the software development for PTRs and the possibility of its testing is carried out by the STS in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine No.837/2019 of November 8, 2019.