International clinical protocols: medicine based on evidence


The Better Regulation Delivery Office joined the implementation of international clinical protocols in Ukraine. The BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said about that during a press conference organized by the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and health experts.

Previous Ukrainian medical protocols are outdated, they do not meet the best world practices or duplicate other regulatory acts. The Better Regulation Delivery Office provided assistance to the Ministry of Health in developing an innovative draft order that allows our physicians to use evidence-based medicine instead of the authority-based medicine. Clinical protocols will allow to change the system according to the patient’s requirements and not the reverse. The decision of their implementation will go into effect on Friday, April 28.

“BRDO’s researches showed that the Ukrainian regulatory environment was clogged – 35% of acts were obsolete, outdated and ineffective. The Better Regulation Delivery Office together with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine developed a draft order, which is innovative from a legal point of view. This is one of the rare cases when economic entities-healthcare institutions and physicians-private entrepreneurs can directly use foreign regulation – treatment procedures,” the BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office) Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

The Deputy Minister of Health Oleksandr Linchevskyi stressed that the implementation of evidence-based clinical protocols would provide both doctors and patients as well as the health system as a whole with certain advantages. “This is the permitting order. It finally provides physicians with the right to use effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. This order is a kind of protection for doctors since it eliminates the need to treat under outdated standards. Accordingly, patients who get really high-quality medical care win. The system starts to focus on the patient’s needs, rather than to adapt to capabilities of health care institutions.”

Medical protocols are just a part of ineffective and outdated regulation in the health sector. The BRDO initiated a review of Sanitary Regulations and Standards, most of which should be abolished since they became outdated, are illegal or duplicate the requirements of other acts. We are working on reducing the use and seeking to abolish the concept of “conclusions of sanitary-epidemiological examination” in an ideal scenario.

In addition, a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will simplify the access to medical practice activities for doctors without reducing their quality requirements, is drafted now.