Ineffectiveness of standards and real market surveillance for construction constrains the industry development and threatens citizens’ safety


This issue was discussed during the today’s open industry meeting “Safety of buildings and structures: problems of obsolete  regulatory framework and counterfeit products in construction” organized by the BRDO and USCC  with the assistance of the Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine.

Nowadays, the use of materials that do not meet safety and durability standards becomes the norm. Constructions and installation works suffer from low quality, while fake and counterfeit products overflow the market. Against the ineffective market surveillance and common market problem of obsolete  regulatory framework, these factors constrains the industry’s development and threatens citizens’ safety, so it requires an urgent solution.

“Ineffectiveness of market surveillance mechanisms in Ukraine,  no adequate responsibility of the certification authorities, inappropriate work authorization, use of defective products and services as well as the prevalence  of price over the quality resulted in poor-quality products and services in the market,” the Construction Sector Head Olena Shulyak stated.

“The construction market, providing its potential for development of the infrastructure, is one of the crucial economy sectors in the country. Due to certain problems in the industry, including issues of harmonization with European construction standards, there is visible retention in design according to Eurocodes in Ukraine and as a result – a lack of international investments and difficulties with international expansion of domestic manufacturers in the EU market,” the executive director of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center Vyacheslav Kolisnyk said.

The Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze noted that his administration realized that it was very important to work out all the problems of the obsolete legislation and stop counterfeit irruption in the industry. According to the Deputy Minister, this would facilitate the development of the industry in general and allow Ukraine to reach the new European level of construction.

“We won’t simply acknowledge the problems. The Ministry supports a proposal to create an interagency working group and I am ready to head it. It will deal with the revision of obsolete regulations and establish a range of the necessary national standards that should be updated in the first instance. Besides, one of its priority tasks will be to develop the mechanism to restore the efficient control and supervision in the construction materials market,” Lev Partskhaladze emphasized.

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Problems of counterfeit products in construction and Construction regulatory framework: modern condition