The Government approved 6 decisions for business


On May 10, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a number of important decisions for simplifying the business environment developed by the MEDT together with the BRDO Office as part of “deregulation day”.

One of the main decisions that were approved is aimed at the implementation of a risk-based approach in the activity of inspection bodies. For example, the approval of methodologies for developing risk assessment criteria and unified forms of inspection acts will allow to really assess the risk level of economic entities and introduce transparent rules to control the business.

“This is an important practical step in reforming the supervisory and control system. A risk-based approach in the activity of inspection bodies allows to focus on the prevention of violations instead of the punishment, as it is done in the civilized world. The basis for this is the risk assessment,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

In particular, the implementation of this approach will allow:

  • Creating a powerful analytical system based on full statistics.
  • Assessing the risk level of economic entities in a more accurate way and focusing on inspections of entities with the highest risk level.
  • Creating an opportunity for businesses to assess the quality of the inspectors’ work and regulatory burdens.
  • Providing consumers with information on the risk level of a particular business entity.

Another important decision is the approval of a Concept on the Reform of Self-Regulation in Ukraine. This document establishes a framework to implement a coherent state policy in this area and involve the representatives of professional organizations to the regulation of relevant markets.

Ministers also supported the implementation of a Development Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses by 2020, which will improve the access of SMEs to information and financial resources and reduce the regulatory burden on business.

In addition, the Government cancelled the mandatory use of seals in trade that have remained in force due to inconsistencies in certain resolutions. In particular, in the areas of repair of home appliances, retail trade in alcoholic beverages and trade in petroleum products. The decisions aimed at restarting the aviation engineering sector in Ukraine and updating of acts related to the construction sector were also approved.

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