First FIDIC Procurement Procedures Guide presented in Ukraine


The Guide of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) is a practical guidance for construction industry specialists to develop and implement investment projects. It was prepared by the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild together with a group of experts.

Olena Shuliak, the Construction Sector Head and Board Member of BRDO, participated in the presentation of the Guide that was held as part of the round table “International practice in the market of consulting services in Ukraine”. According to Olena, the publication of the Guide is of high relevance, because it corresponds to the logic of reasonable cooperation between the state and the professional community. And this guide will help fill some of the gaps that naturally arose due to the reform of the public administration system and even the administrative and territorial structure.

Olena Shuliak said that until recently central government bodies were the main source of financial resources management in procurement procedures for construction works. Most of the procedures were centralized and constantly coordinated by regular staff teams. After the final implementation of the decentralization reform and the creation of at least 1,300 united territorial communities that will include more than 9,000 territorial communities, the number of financial decision-making centers is projected to increase. Currently, 888 united territorial communities have already been created.

“In 2018, we identified 468 tenders for construction works at the expense of local and central budgets through the PROZORRO platform. The total expected value exceeded 90 billion hryvnias. 285 tenders resulted in contracts amounting to more than 45 billion hryvnias. Of this number, 144 tenders resulted in contracts amounting to more than 21 billion hryvnias with local authorities. Compared to 2017, their number and value increased by 2.5 times. I mean that each tender should be based on the professional development of ToRs and formulation of contract terms. Will each community have a specialist to organize such activities on staff? Probably not. Therefore, the publication of the Ukrainian version of the FIDIC Procurement Guide is very timely. And that is why there are serious prospects for the consultants market development when preparing tenders and concluding contracts,” Olena Shuliak said.