Debureaucratization of education management: project results


The management system of general secondary education in Ukraine requires major improvements. Here are just some figures that illustrate the excessive bureaucracy of processes and procedures in this area:

  • 48 types of paper documents are required to be maintained by schools;
  • 70,000 packs of paper are used monthly by Ukrainian schools to maintain this documentation;
  • the government pays 62,400,000 hryvnias for such a volume of paper annually.

The results of the project “Debureaucratization of Education Management” implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of UkraineDecentralization for Improved Democratic Education, and the NGO DOCCU with the participation of experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office were recently presented. The main task of the project was to simplify reporting and documentation management procedures, as well as establish data exchange processes in the field of education.

In the process of project implementation, focus groups attended by educators were organized and the documents used in schools were analyzed.  As a result, the main problems and numerous bureaucratic obstacles that hinder the effective functioning of the domestic education sector were identified.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Reporting is mostly duplicated in digital and paper versions for different recipients. There is no established exchange of information between them, and this needs to be resolved.
  • Reporting information is entered manually. This makes it impossible to implement modern educational services and does not allow to fully integrate the necessary informational educational resources and provide the exchange of data with key state registers.

What solutions are offered?

Based on the project results, our experts developed draft amendments to 11 existing regulatory acts and drafted two new regulatory acts designed to provide digitalization of school documentation management.

New processes of electronic accounting, admission, dismissal, transfer of students and children through a modernized information and telecommunication system “Automated information complex of educational management” (AICEM). The new technical solution will allow the introduction of new digital approaches that will contribute to the debureaucratization and deregulation of education management.

More details on the results of the study and solutions proposed by the project “Debureaucratization of Education Management” can be found here (presentation in Ukrainian).

You can learn more about the digitalized future of the Ukrainian education sector by listening to the speeches of the project participants here.