BRDO supports a draft law No.9311 #RaidingStop


Hybrid aggression and military actions against Ukraine – it’s time to come together and protect small and medium businesses, which are an important pillar of the economy. The country will have no money on ammunition and armor without the economy.

A key issue for Ukrainian business and international investors is raider attacks. The wave of raider attacks has increased: more than 1,700 cases of illegal property takeover have been recorded since 2014, and there were more than 500 raider attacks in Kyiv and the region. The physical “commandeering” of someone else’s property is a thing of the past, and before this, there should be pseudo-legal legitimation, that is, a falsified legal justification of criminal activities.

A draft law No.9311 #RaidingStop developed by the Ministry of Justice together with the BRDO Office, ACC, EBA, SUP and the Business Ombudsman Office can improve the situation. Despite the fact that some provisions of the draft law need to be discussed, we generally support its adoption by the parliament.

In addition to anti-raider provisions, the draft law contains another important rule – the cancellation of fees for private notaries in the amount of at least 1% of the contact amount, which is the provision referring to the decree of the President of Ukraine dated 1998. Due to it, there are flagrant distortions of price realities, as was the case, for example, with the sale of the famous Kryvorizhstal company, when a notary received more than 200 million UAH for the contract execution.

We advise the people’s deputies to support the draft law No.9311 #RaidingStop.