BRDO launches a special information project on preparing Ukraine for Doing Business 2017 ranking



рейтингIn late May, the World Bank’s experts are planned to assess the business environment in Ukraine. According to the results, an updated position of Ukraine in the Doing Business 2017 ranking will be announced in autumn of 2016.

In autumn 2015, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in direct cooperation with Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) experts developed an Action Plan to simplify the business environment in Ukraine and, accordingly, improve positions in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking. This Plan was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #1406 dated 12/16/2005 as a roadmap consisting of 43 steps.

During this time, the participants implementing the Action Plan prepared more than 20 regulations that could improve Ukraine’s positions in the ranking and significantly increase the business and investment prospects of our country. With direct involvement of BRDO experts, 9 laws have been drafted.

Unfortunately, lawmakers didn’t find the time and efforts to address issues regarding simplifying the business environment. Today, most initiatives developed by the BRDO and other expert organizations still have the status of draft laws.

Under the Doing Business 2017 Roadmap, Better Regulation Delivery Office experts created a special information web resource, where every citizen of Ukraine can analyze missed opportunities for the development of our economy, aiming to explain the importance of every legislative initiative.

Welcome to visit our website

“Improve Ukraine’s position in Doing Business ranking”

and you will see yourself the effect transparently implemented reforms may have on the economic freedom in Ukraine.


BRDO experts encourage all citizens to control the activity of government bodies more actively and remind – all legislative proposals on reforms are made not for rankings and reports, but for implementing real changes in the lives of each of us. Issues of simplifying the business environment will remain live issues even after the World Bank’s experts complete the assessment of our country. We should implement reforms in the first place for ourselves and not stop on this way.