BRDO and CBU discussed public procurement issues with construction market stakeholders


The expert team of the Construction Sector of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) together with the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) held a workshop on “Public procurement in construction: problems and solutions”.

The main problems faced by market participants during public procurement procedures include:

  1. Excessive qualification criteria;
  2. Preliminary agreements between companies;
  3. Participation of state-owned enterprises;
  4. Participation of shell companies;
  5. Excessive price competition;
  6. Receiving information about tenders by favored companies before their start.

Business representatives also discussed possible solutions that will imply facilitating the procurement review process and involving participants of unfair tenders into it; the standardization of qualification criteria and regulation of their determination; providing one day to correct mistakes after submission of documents to participate in the tender; promoting the staff certification; the classification of complexity of projects and differentiation of preparation time according to complexity.

Public consultations on public procurement issues in construction are ongoing with market participants until the end of summer. Please send the description of problems you faced to After public consultations, we will publish the Green Paper on public procurement in construction and bring it to public discussion. Follow our updates!