4G. Removing barriers


From now on, sanitary certificates for base stations of mobile operators and telecommunication providers that should be obtained for their construction and modernization are canceled. BRDO experts together with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Justice, the SRS and Telas association initiated this proposal.

“This will reduce the period of constructing and putting into operation stations by 1 month and allow the business to save 5.500 hryvnas for each sanitary certificate,” the head of the BRDO IT and Telecom sector Oleksandr Kubrakov said and added that one mobile operator installed up to 2.500 stations in a city with a million-plus population while spending on average 13.7 million hryvnas for sanitary certificates.

According to the expert, this decision will improve the level of mobile communications for users and move Ukraine closer to setting up the 4G network.

In addition, today another barrier to introduce 4G was also removed, that is the electromagnetic radiation standards were adapted to European indexes. These standards have not been revised since 1996 while being a real barrier to introduce 4G in Ukraine, because the less capacity of base stations have, the more number of these stations is required to cover the same territory.